The future of computing

A Lightweight oparationg system for aging hardware

What is blobOS

Is your computer getting really slow, well blobOS is the solution, blobOS is a simple operating system that optimizes your systems hardware through software to make you slow old and loud computer into a fast and capable PC compatible with all of you favorite applications and more.


blobOS 64 bit - x86
Dec 26,2017 - Current

This version of blobOS should work on most computers 2005 and newer, or computers with powerful procesers.

blobOS 32 bit
Dec 26, 2017 - Current

This version should work on any computer 1999 or newer, this includes netbooks, and low powered machines.

to determine if your computer is 64 bit or 32 bit, search it on your perffered browser.


To start using blob os you must take a couple minutes to get your computer up and runnig. to start you must begin by downloading blob os 32 bit or 64 bit by the links above insert a cd or usb drive into you machine and burn the image to the dvd, if you are using a usb drive then install the software etcher at, after the installation select the blob os image as the source and the destination as the usb drive, finally click start, next shut down your computer, on power go into the bios and select the usb drive as the device you would like to boot off of and install. your new computer should be running faster then ever.

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